Thurn is a small town or, more aptly, a village. It’s only real claim to fame is The Rusty Unicorn, which serves up some of the most well-respected brews in the land, created by the taverns namesake, Rusty. There are 50-80 people living in the town at any one time, mostly farmers and foragers. The only business of note outside of the tavern, which brings outside money into the town from wary travelers, is the forge operated by John Blaydeborne. John mostly creates simple tools, or does minor repairs, for the farmers around town, but occasionally does some work for travelers passing through.

Outside of the main cluster of homes and the two businesses are acres and acres of farmland proceeded by dark, dense forest where The Greasels and other families do most of their foraging.

To the southwest is Thurn Lake, where a few of the villagers have set up as fisherman and provide enough trout to feed the town and passers-through. They don’t catch enough to export their haul to the bigger cities, but

The main road to Baylkeep cuts right through the middle of it all.


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