Gravid Rage

Meeting at the Rusty Unicorn

Ajax and Thea first meet at the Rusty Unicorn, where a group of goblins breaks into the tavern and attacks patrons. After they defeat the goblins, with the help of the local blacksmith, the barkeep, Rusty, reemerges from the cellar and offers them free drinks. There’s no inn in the town, but Rusty and the blacksmith agree to each put up one of them for the night. Ajax asks about worthy opponents to fight and kill, and the blacksmith suggests that he head north toward Baylkeep in order to kind something more interesting to fight.

Likewise, Thea asks if any halflings have passed through town. Rusty said he hadn’t seen one for a couple months or so, but sent her up the road to ask the family that had hosted the the last halfling who had passed through.

The family wasn’t excited about being woken, but informed Thea that a halfling had stayed with them, but not by the name of Gwen. They also noted that the halfling who had stayed with them paid quite handsomely for hosting her.

Rusty informs each of our heroes that the journey to Baylkeep will take three to four weeks on foot, provides each with five rations, gives one wineskin full of mead to Thea and two to Ajax. Each, independently, starts their journey north.


GM_Matt GM_Matt

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